Brila Farbo Metala Meznokta Purpuro

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Glosa Farbo Metala Noktomeza Purpura Wrap estas bonega maniero transformi vian veturilon en altkvalitan aspekton. Ili estas faritaj el altkvalita polimera plurtavola kalendarita vinila filmo kaj estas nekredeble rezistemaj al forvelkado. La filmo inkludas flokojn el metala metalo enigita en la materialo. Vi povas uzi aŭ mez-malmolan aŭ kurba-molan racilon por apliki la materialon, kaj ĝi devus esti aplikata per direkta ŝablono. Ĉi tiuj flokoj aldonas kroman nivelon de protekto al la envolvaĵo, certigante ke la preta produkto daŭros jarojn. Se vi serĉas altkvalitan finaĵon, tiam Gloss Metallic Vinyl estas la vojo por iri.

Wrapteck vinyl wrap have ROHS certificate, 6000sqm car vinyl wrpping plant with advanced modern equipment and brilliant development abilities.

  1.  Environmental protection fabric, imported glue
    All of the fabrics adhere to EU RoHS regulations. Wrapteck automobile vinyl wrapping paper does not release any toxic chemicals or airborne harmful substances under normal conditions. The imported glue with a 3 mil thickness is ideal for installation and repositioning, since it is slippery, movable, and leaves no residue.
  2.  Smart installation, saving labor and money
    Water cube and generous airway technology are used in Wrapteck vehicle packaging paper, which also features imported adhesive and is repositionable. In 4.5 hours, we measured the average installation time of two installations (compared to 9-12 hours). Thin time films will lower your labor costs and increase your competitiveness. Labor accounts for 80% of the average overall packaging cost.
  3. 140-160gsm backing paper with scale grid
    The design of the 140-160gsm backing paper makes it simple to store automotive packing, and it may be resold after a lengthy period of storage. It's simple to cut the scale grid. Your logo can be printed on any vinyl.
  4. Firm Packaging
    To sell these automotive vinyl wrappers again, our box is made of a sturdy double wallpaper (K ​​= K), which will ensure that the packaging is shipped correctly.

Under normal, 59ft can completely wrap a sedan, if your car is an SUV, you need to buy 59 ft+30 ft. On-screen graphics, colors, and finishes are all estimates. Always check the color swatch for a true representation of the product. Because a minor batch-to-batch color variation may occur, only rolls from the same production LOT number should be utilized to complete a wrap job.

  • Mirco:1.52m*10m(5*32.8ft)
    Sedan,Small Van,Truck Cab:1.52*18M(5*59ft)
    Small SUV:1.52*20M(5*65.6ft)
    MPV,Pickck Truck,Large SUV/Sedan:1.52*23M(5*75.4ft)
    Large Van:1.52*25M(5*82ft)

  • To keep your project running smoothly, 
  • we recommend leaving an extra 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) 
  • when measuring in case you need extra length during the film application process. 
  • This avoids unnecessary delays or expenses due to insufficient materials.