Color TPU PPF Auto Protect Paint Protection

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Color TPU PPF Auto Protect Paint Protection is a state-of-the-art, high-performing material that combines the greatest features of TPU and PPF in foreign substrates. Using two-way stretching technology and TPU film dyeing, conventional PVC is replaced with colored TPU materials to mimic the texture of real auto paint. a range of colors to suit your different demands. Only a handful of the various substrates it can be utilized with include paper, foil, and other metals. extremely hydrophobic. fearful of oil. avoiding fullness. scratches that heal on their own. thickness of 7.5 mil. TPU is a durable, fashionable, and sustainable material.

Material: TPU--- Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer
Function: Self Healing, UV PROOF, Sand Proof, Color Changing, Anti Scratch, Infrared proof, privacy protection, Anti-Yellowing, Removable, Stretchable
Size: 1.52*17m
Warranty: 8 years
Model Number: Color TPU

Thickness: 7.5mil±5um
Structure: 3 layers
Application: TPU Paint protection film PPF for cars
Raw Material: lubrizol
Adhesive: Ashland
Coating: Cashew Coating
Usage: Car Covering /Anti Scratch/Protect


WRAPMASTER Top-grade TPU paint protection film provides the following exceptional properties due to sophisticated technology and enhanced substrate:

  1. Anti-fouling: due to the hydrophobicity of lotus leaves, filth and water stains are difficult to attach to and penetrate;
  2. Acid rain corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, yellowing resistance: excellent acid rain corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, yellowing resistance, and long-term durability
  3. Long-term anti-penetration: bird droppings, glue, grease, and other substances are difficult to penetrate.
  4. Intelligent bionic repair function, which allows minor scratches to be mended in seconds using heat;
  5. Extreme hardness and ductility, as well as scratch, puncture, and damage resistance
  6. The adhesive layer can be peeled away, making it simple to assemble and ensuring that no glue stains remain after repeated tearing and pasting.
  7. The color's cold and heat resilience makes it simple to adapt to extreme weather conditions such as high and low temperatures.
  8. The degree of self-cleaning outperforms all other goods on the market, making it easier to clean and less dirty.
  9. The lacquer has a crystal mirror look due to the glass crystal layer;
  10. Pure transparent glossy texture material improves total paint surface brightness by at least 40%; 11. Improve flatness, transmittance, and eliminate orange peel
  11. No bubbles, no warping, or no-breaking; long-lasting


 Wrapping Tips 

 Blog: Advantage PPF, TPU, TPH.

Wrapteck vinyl wrap have ROHS certificate, 6000sqm car vinyl wrpping plant with advanced modern equipment and brilliant development abilities.

  1.  Environmental protection fabric, imported glue
    All of the fabrics adhere to EU RoHS regulations. Wrapteck automobile vinyl wrapping paper does not release any toxic chemicals or airborne harmful substances under normal conditions. The imported glue with a 3 mil thickness is ideal for installation and repositioning, since it is slippery, movable, and leaves no residue.
  2.  Smart installation, saving labor and money
    Water cube and generous airway technology are used in Wrapteck vehicle packaging paper, which also features imported adhesive and is repositionable. In 4.5 hours, we measured the average installation time of two installations (compared to 9-12 hours). Thin time films will lower your labor costs and increase your competitiveness. Labor accounts for 80% of the average overall packaging cost.
  3. 140-160gsm backing paper with scale grid
    The design of the 140-160gsm backing paper makes it simple to store automotive packing, and it may be resold after a lengthy period of storage. It's simple to cut the scale grid. Your logo can be printed on any vinyl.
  4. Firm Packaging
    To sell these automotive vinyl wrappers again, our box is made of a sturdy double wallpaper (K ​​= K), which will ensure that the packaging is shipped correctly.

Under normal, 59ft can completely wrap a sedan, if your car is an SUV, you need to buy 59 ft+30 ft. On-screen graphics, colors, and finishes are all estimates. Always check the color swatch for a true representation of the product. Because a minor batch-to-batch color variation may occur, only rolls from the same production LOT number should be utilized to complete a wrap job.

  • Mirco:1.52m*10m(5*32.8ft)
    Sedan,Small Van,Truck Cab:1.52*18M(5*59ft)
    Small SUV:1.52*20M(5*65.6ft)
    MPV,Pickck Truck,Large SUV/Sedan:1.52*23M(5*75.4ft)
    Large Van:1.52*25M(5*82ft)

  • To keep your project running smoothly, 
  • we recommend leaving an extra 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) 
  • when measuring in case you need extra length during the film application process. 
  • This avoids unnecessary delays or expenses due to insufficient materials.