• Car wrap vinyl supplier is providing high quality car wrap vinyl and vehicle graphics products. Our products are manufactured with only the best materials and applied by our skilled craftsmen.saving you money and time.

    There are 300,000 rolls of wraps in available stock per month and we could arrange the shipment within 24 hours after the receipt of payment about the wrap.

  • Car wrap vinyl supply best car wrap vinyl, The pressure sensitive or calendered vinyl is used in most decorative applications where a permanent bond needs to be formed between the vinyl and the substrate being wrapped.

    To fulfill various market demands for car vinyl wrap, our design teams continue to develop car vinyl wraps with more than 10 new popular hues each month.

  • Car wrap vinyl is a great way to add style to your car without the hassle of painting it. Use custom car wrap when you want to upgrade your ride, give it a new look, or get rid of those aged dings and scratches.

    Our wrap facility is situated in Guangzhou, China, and it has a workshop of 6000 square meters, four production lines, and four cutting machines Car wrap vinyl.

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Want to give your automobile a little or a lot of personalities? We can assist with car vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wraps are useful in this situation. Vehicles can be covered in wraps for cars to provide protection from the elements.


WRAPMASTER. For over ten years, we have been a professional wrap vinyl maker, and in 2018, we launched our brand "WRAPMASTER." Any vehicle vinyl car wrapping may seem brand new thanks to our vinyl car wraps! Our skilled specialists will apply a vehicle wrapping to your car in a way that protects the paint job and makes it appear as though it was just bought. We promise to offer a high-quality product at a competitive price.

  • Our one-piece car wrap vinyl is bubble-free—no matter the color. Thanks to a proprietary adhesive and cutting design, wrap for cars car wrap vinyl stays on your vehicle without any slipping or bubbling.

    Air Bubble-Free

    Wraps vinyl glue has good weather resistance, a High-density air guide groove, car wraps for sale, and air bubble-free during construction.

  • High-stretch wrap vinyl is a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)-backed film that sticks to any flat surface or curve,  It is a premium self-adhesive vinyl wrap cars that can be applied to most surfaces simply by peeling and sticking.

    High Stretch

    It's a high-quality self-adhesive auto wrap that is easy car wrap material. including glass windows, doors, walls, dashboards, car vinyl, and others.

  • Our Low Initial Tack wrapping cars is great for wrapping a vehicle for shows, or to reveal at the very end of your project. It will show off your artwork without the hassle or inconvenience of permanent adhesive on your vehicle car wrapping paper.

    Low Initial Tack

    Low Initial Tack vinyl wrapping, also known as "Low Reactive" material. Automotive vinyl wrap It's semi-permanent qualities and durability.

  • Double Casting vinyl wrap is a laminated, ultra-high gloss film that will not only protect your car but also give it a distinctive appearance. Compared to typical cast vinyl wrapping, it is thicker and more glossy.

    Double Casting

    Dual-cast wrap film features two-color layers to ensure stability and durability. Paper wrap for cars is easy to install and has a removable adhesive.

  • Pressure-sensitive vinyl is a high-quality material that can be applied to your vehicle. Pressure-sensitive wraps are designed to be applied on top of existing paint, without removing any of the original paint finish


    Without sticky tapes or glue, cool car wraps our pressure-sensitive vinyl car wraps feature a single application wrapping car and easy removal.

  • For customers, we offer the highest-quality automotive wrap at a fair price. When fitted properly, the matte coating helps resist scratches and other undesirable damage.

    High Quality

    If you're looking for a high-quality, but still reasonably priced wrap. Our auto vinyl wrap is high quality a wrapped car reasonable and affordable price.

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