What makes wrapmaster TPU paint protection film so special?

What makes wrapmaster TPU paint protection film so special?

What makes wrapmaster TPU paint protection film so special?

The WRAPMASTER scientific research team conducted over 1,000 field weather resistance tests in 375 challenging conditions over an 8-year period in order to produce the Top-grade TPU paint protection film. To ensure exceptional weather resistance and stability of raw materials, each material must also pass optical and mechanical testing, as well as thermal and chemical performance tests, which are developed according to local conditions.

The WRAPMASTER Top-grade TPU paint protection film is made with a high-quality base material imported from the United States and an anti-fouling repair coating including over 20 chemical components. It uses revolutionary Dip-coating composite technology as well as an ultra-fine coating method to effectively cover and cover. The extremely small micropores on the surface of PPF are covered, reducing the amount of micropores and isolating possible pollutants from the outside world, resulting in a more protected, glossy, wear-resistant, and durable body surface.

Silicon polymer, fluorine polymer, titanium diradon, imported adhesive, and other ecologically friendly ingredients are among the materials used in the WRAPMASTER Top-grade TPU paint protection film. It doesn't oxidize in any way. There will be no fading, degumming, or secondary pollution to car paint. The material may be degraded using green environmental protection technologies, providing double health protection for car owners.

The WRAPMASTER top-grade TPU paint protection film, imported from Europe, is an environmentally safe adhesive that is free of formaldehyde and benzene. It is preferably a glass crystal-like coating, with TPU molecules arranged in a diamond shape, which increases light reflectivity, gives the car body a mirror effect, completely eliminates water spots and pockmarks that are invisible to the naked eye, and displays the intelligent light effect of the film at various luminosities. Your car is more dazzling with the same brightness.

WRAPMASTER Top-grade TPU paint protection film provides the following exceptional properties due to sophisticated technology and enhanced substrate:

  1. Anti-fouling: due to the hydrophobicity of lotus leaves, filth and water stains are difficult to attach to and penetrate;
  2. Acid rain corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, yellowing resistance: excellent acid rain corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, yellowing resistance, and long-term durability
  3. Long-term anti-penetration: bird droppings, glue, grease, and other substances are difficult to penetrate.
  4. Intelligent bionic repair function, which allows minor scratches to be mended in seconds using heat;
  5. Extreme hardness and ductility, as well as scratch, puncture, and damage resistance
  6. The adhesive layer can be peeled away, making it simple to assemble and ensuring that no glue stains remain after repeated tearing and pasting.
  7. The color's cold and heat resilience makes it simple to adapt to extreme weather conditions such as high and low temperatures.
  8. The degree of self-cleaning outperforms all other goods on the market, making it easier to clean and less dirty.
  9. The lacquer has a crystal mirror look due to the glass crystal layer;
  10. Pure transparent glossy texture material improves total paint surface brightness by at least 40%; 11. Improve flatness, transmittance, and eliminate orange peel
  11. No bubbles, no-warping, or no-breaking; long-lasting


Choosing WRAPMASTER Top-grade TPU paint protection film means choosing a high-quality life experience and personalizing your vehicle.

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