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TPU Paint Protection Film Black PPF

TPU Paint Protection Film Black PPF

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Characteristic: Heat repair
Model Number: TPU Paint Protection Film Black PPF
Warranty: 5 Years
Performance level: Premium+
Size: 1.52x15M/5x49FT
Color: TPU transparent gloss/matte/Black
Film thickness: 13C/6.5mil(with glue) 
Glue thickness: 30μm
Repair coating: 10μm
Release paper: Transparent
Durability: 5-7 years
Adhesive style: Transparent, polyacrylate, removable

1 Super PPF
Using high polymer TPU or PVC film, High flexible and resistant to solvents, Super stretchability, and weather resistance
2 Super Auto-repair
The film surface with auto-repair performance, Slight wear or scratches can be repaired automatically, Exclude air very fast
3 Super Pressure-sensitive Glue
Solvent polyacrylate, Firmly adhered without degumming, Permanent. Removable
4 Super Stretchable
Up to 5 times ductility, Stretch does not change color, does not break, Perfect fit to large arc body
5 Recoverable
If the vinyl is wrinkled during construction Heat it up with a heat gun to restore
6 Removable
Do not damage the car paint after removing, Protection the car paint always as new, Keep the car in value
7 Good Toughness
Super toughness & Anti-scratched, The vinyl can be restored after heating
8 Long Durability
Outdoor durability up to 5 years, Resistance high and low temperature, UV resistant, Resistant to yellow
9 Good Conformity
No cracking, Perfect wrap the full car body, Similar as the original paint

When you have a new car, you want to make sure that keeps the damage away from the paint— the TPU self-healing paint protection film makes you realize this idea. It won’t show minor damage. TPU self-healing paint protection film can be repaired automatically. Scratches disappear and chips fill in.  Improve the brightness of the paint surface by 40%, perfectly cover the paint surface scratches, isolate the damage such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain, effectively prevent the paint surface from aging, and have a long warranty.  The TPU help assure the finish of your product is clean and beautiful for years to come.

They allow you to show off the natural beauty of your car’s original paint job. The film is crystal clear to let the original color shine through — no cloudy colors or tints insight. You can also wash and wax your car normally.

 Wrapping Tips 

 Blog: Advantage PPF, TPU, TPH.


The thickness of the film: 0.16mm
The thickness of film with release liner: 0.32mm
Gram Weight of Release Paper: 160gsm embossing paper
Adhesive: Henkel solvent-based acrylic adhesive, transparent, ultra-weather-resistant, Low sticky and repositionable.
Function: water,dirt,grease,salt,weak acids oil resist
Long Time Durability: 4-5 years indoor & 3-4 years outdoor
Temperature resistance: -61°F to 225°F (-60°C to 107°C)
Automobiles, boats, motorcycles, cars, truck,s or SUV. Heck, architectural decoration, airplanes and other vehicles

Important note

Under normal,59ft can completely wrap a sedan, if your car is an SUV, you need to buy 59ft+30ft.

On-screen graphics, colors, and finishes are all estimates. Always check the color swatch for a true representation of the product. Because a minor batch to batch color variation may occur, only rolls from the same production LOT number should be utilized to complete a wrap job.

Quality Assurance

Wrapteck vinyl wrap have ROHS certificate, 6000sqm car vinyl wrpping plant with advanced modern equipment and brilliant development abilities.

  1.  Environmental protection fabric, imported glue
    All of the fabrics adhere to EU RoHS regulations. Wrapteck automobile vinyl wrapping paper does not release any toxic chemicals or airborne harmful substances under normal conditions. The imported glue with a 3 mil thickness is ideal for installation and repositioning, since it is slippery, movable, and leaves no wraps samples
  2.  Smart installation, saving labor and money
    Water cube and generous airway technology are used in Wrapteck vehicle packaging paper, which also features imported adhesive and is repositionable. In 4.5 hours, we measured the average installation time of two installations (compared to 9-12 hours). Thin time films will lower your labor costs and increase your competitiveness. Labor accounts for 80% of the average overall packaging vinyl wrap factory
  3. 140-160gsm backing paper with scale grid
    The design of the 140-160gsm backing paper makes it simple to store automotive packing, and it may be resold after a lengthy period of storage. It's simple to cut the scale grid. Your logo can be printed on any vinyl.
  4. Firm Packaging
    To sell these automotive vinyl wrappers again, our box is made of a sturdy double wallpaper (K ​​= K), which will ensure that the packaging is shipped vinyl wraps package
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  • Immediate Delivery

    There are 300,000 rolls in available stock per month and we could arrange the shipment within 24 hours after the receipt of payment.

  • Low MOQ

    The MOQ in our company is one roll. If your order reaches more than 25 rolls, it could be shipped by sea.

  • SGS authentication

    Have passed the SGS authentication by Alibaba

  • Dropshipping

    No warehouse storage risk for you. Our warehouse is your warehouse.

  • Customized service

    The outer cartons and backing paper could be made with your customized designs

  • After-sales service

    Besides the products, we also have a professional sales team to give you good marketing suggestions.

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